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The bogs on this list can provide you with up-to-date information on how to get the most out of the Canadian food scene and how online ordering and delivery are thriving in the industry.

Y The Wait Blog

Y The Wait Blog is a digital waiter application providing commission-free delivery services to restaurants and supermarkets not only in Canada but around the world. They provide great food stories and topics around food deliveries, restaurants, and waiting.

Eat This Town

Eat this town involves food guides, videos, and information on research about Canadian food. The blogger is from Nov Scotia and provides information specifically for food that is from Nova Scotia. The blog was created in 2012 and has been dedicated to providing information on the Canadian food scene in each province.

In the Weeds TV

This is a tremendous video-blog web series about the thrill and skill of foraging fresh ingredients and recipes in Ontario. The episodes feature many different chefs from Ontario learning how to locate particular ingredients. They then prepare a fantastic meal with the elements.

This is a great blog to follow on fresh ingredients and how to source fresh ingredients, which may be challenging to find.

Manning Canning

Christine Manning started this blog when she quit her day job as a digital marketer. She then started preserving as a full-time job. The blog posts are all about keeping food. Readers get to read tasty recipes, but they also indulge in fun humour and thoughtfulness.

The blogs on this list are all dedicated to the Canadian market and have a particular focus on dining out or making food at home and on deliveries and online orders.