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As a magazine website dedicated to food delivery services and foreign cuisine in Canada, we are always on the lookout for more writers to join our team in writing about interesting topics.

You’re at the right place if you are experienced and interested in writing articles about food, doing reviews, and writing about anything to do with food. With Canada being an exciting destination for foodies, there are a lot of tourism topics to focus on, especially incorporating foreign cuisine.

Suppose you feel that you can provide To Go Canada magazine with up-to-date and interesting topics about the food scene and delivery services. In that case, you will need to reside in Canada before considering contacting us. We focus on providing pure and trusted information to our readers on the Canadian food industry and restaurant scene only and not the international market.

With foreign cuisine being preferred by most of the Canadian public, we strive to provide accurate statistics on foreign cuisines’ popularity and how these cuisines got started in Canada.

As we are dedicated to the Canadian market, we strive to bring trustworthy information to our readers on where to find the truest traditional foreign cuisine eateries and restaurants, which cuisine are most popular and a lot more interesting topics on Canada’s cuisines.

With the abundance of delivery apps being released of late, you will need to have excellent knowledge of how delivery apps are striving the food scene and their critical role in the restaurant industry.

All applicants will need to be able to provide details on their experience in writing about food and will be examined on their writing skills in the English language in grammar, punctuation, and spelling.